Invisalign Teen is a great decision for three reasons. a quick second to think about what you were like when you were a teenager. If you were anything like most, you cared probably too much about what other people thought about you. A little bit of self-perception and understanding of how you’re perceived is healthy, but worrying all the time about if you said the right thing or how you look can get unhealthy very quickly. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much what being a teenager entails. That’s why so many of them get incredibly worried when they’re told by their dentist that they need to go and see an orthodontist to look at their teeth and see if they need to be straightened. These kids worry about what they are going to look like with braces, how long they’re going to have to wear them, and if people are going to make fun of them or think they don’t look as good as they once did.

Fortunately for all the teenagers out there that need some work done on their teeth, Invisalign Teen is there to help. Invisalign is a product that uses a series of clear trays to move teeth slowly into their desired place in the mouth. The first tray moves the teeth a very small amount. Once it’s job is done, the teenager moves onto the next tray which again moves their teeth a tiny amount. A wide of range of trays can be used depending on how bad the person’s teeth are, but eventually they will be moved into their correct location. There are three key reasons why choosing Invisalign teen for your teenager is a great idea.

1. Aesthetic. For starters, because Invisalign uses a series of clear trays rather than metal brackets and wires, people might not even know that you have something in your mouth. Instead of having all of this metal in there, the clear trays are barely noticeable unless you’re staring directly at someone’s teeth. This means that teenagers don’t have to worry about what people think because they won’t even notice them.

2. Comfort. The second reason why Invisalign teen is such a great choice is that the plastic trays can just be removed for meals. This means that eating is much more comfortable than it is when you have metal brackets on all of your teeth. In fact, they’re just more comfortable in general. You don’t have all of this metal digging into your gums, causing them to bleed and leaving potential scars in your mouth.

3. Just as effective. When you hear about the benefits of Invisalign, most people think that they probably can’t work as well as regular braces. In reality, they work just as well they just don’t bring any of the hassle with them.

As you can see, there aren’t many reasons why you wouldn’t opt for Invisalign over traditional braces. Now, all you need to do is find a great orthodontist like Dr. Ghosh at Ghosh Orthodontics to help you get fitted for all of your trays and you’ll be good to go.

Invisalign Teen is a great decision for three reasons.


Metal braces have been used by orthodontist for decades as a way to correct the majority of both serious and minor orthodontic problems. The modern metal braces used today were invented almost five decades ago, although there have been different forms of orthodontic gear in use since the times of the ancient Greeks, and throughout the existence of braces there have always been improvements being made. The last fifty years has been relatively uneventful as far as strides taken towards new systems of correcting teeth, that is, until Invisialign braces hit the market.

Modern companies such as Damon Braces, put around ten thousand people a year into Invisalign braces, and that is a considerable number when you take into account that there are thousands of different clinics which today offer Invisalign Treatment. While people of all ages and with all different types of orthodontic issues now use Invisalign, the main customer of the Invisalign braces is now people in their teens. Some sites on the web that provide Invisalign braces, such as, have even started marketing exclusively to teens.

Teenagers are the perfect match for Invisalign braces because of a few key factors. To start out with, Invisalign braces require less commitment than traditional braces, which is great for teenagers that have so much on their plates, with school and social obligations, that they have a hard time keeping up with many of their basic obligations. Invisalign braces are less likely to cause further problems from misuse or neglect, opposed to metal braces which can leave unsightly marks on the patient’s teeth if they are not given the proper attention and care while they are being used. Invisalign methods also have less of a need for follow up than do other forms of braces. are seldom used for less than six months after an Invisalign treatment is completed. Another reason why orthodontists now prefer Invisalign braces over other types of corrective gear for orthodontic problems is because Invisalign braces are invisible.  Orthodontists are often concerned that their teen patients will not take care of their braces as they should because they dislike having them in the first place. Many young people and adults actually find traditional braces very attractive, and enjoy using them a great deal. Some teens however, associate braces with something that little kids wear, something which doesn’t correlate with their vision of themselves as young adults. When orthodontists use Invisalign, their teen patients are much more likely to enjoy their orthodontic experience, and thus do a better job of taking care of their teeth while they are receiving treatment.

Lastly, teens are better suited for Invisalign braces because they do not cause speech difficulty. One often overlooked problem that can sometimes accompany metal braces is the fact that they cause the patient’s mouth operate differently, and can change the way a person talks. Not all cases are so serious, but there are times when children have to take a speech class just to learn to speak clearly after getting braces placed in their mouths. During the teen years, the less additional problems that can be stacked on a child the better, and Invisalign braces don’t tend to cause any change in speech patterns.